Dominoes and Standard 6-sided Dice

Version 1.3 of piecepackr comes with built-in configurations for double-12 dominoes and standard six-sided dice in six colors via the game_systems function.

The dice configuration provides standard six-sided dice with the suit controlling the color and the rank controlling the number of pips. There are seven dominoes configurations: dominoes, dominoes_black, dominoes_blue, dominoes_green, dominoes_red, dominoes_white, and dominoes_yellow with the "rank" controlling the number of pips on the "top" side and the "suit" controlling the number of pips on the "bottom" side. Here is an example diagram:


envir <- game_systems("dejavu")
## Loading required namespace: systemfonts
df_dominoes <- tibble(piece_side = "tile_face", x=rep(4:1, 3), y=rep(2*3:1, each=4), suit=1:12, rank=1:12+1,
                      cfg = paste0("dominoes_", rep(c("black", "red", "green", "blue", "yellow", "white"), 2)))
df_tiles <- tibble(piece_side = "tile_back", x=5.5, y=c(2,4,6), suit=1:3, rank=1:3, cfg="piecepack")
df_dice <- tibble(piece_side = "die_face", x=6, y=0.5+1:6, suit=1:6, rank=1:6, cfg="dice")
df_coins1 <- tibble(piece_side = "coin_back", x=5, y=0.5+1:4, suit=1:4, rank=1:4, cfg="piecepack")
df_coins2 <- tibble(piece_side = "coin_face", x=5, y=0.5+5:6, suit=1:2, rank=1:2, cfg="piecepack")
df <- rbind(df_dominoes, df_tiles, df_dice, df_coins1, df_coins2)
pmap_piece(df, default.units="in", envir=envir, op_scale=0.5, trans=op_transform)
Double-12 dominoes and standard 6-sided dice

Double-12 dominoes and standard 6-sided dice


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