Relativity is a piecepack game by Ron and Marty Hale-Evans. It is a two-player abstract game with interesting movement mechanics. Being able to distinguish ranks is important while being able to distinguish suits is not important so a piecepack design optimized for playing this game may consider coloring ranks instead of suits.

library("ppgames", warn.conflicts=FALSE)
cfg <- as.list(game_systems("dejavu")$piecepack)
cfg$suit_color <- "black"
cfg$background_color.r1 <- "#E69F00"
cfg$background_color.r2 <- "#56B4E9"
cfg$background_color.r3 <- "#009E73"
cfg$background_color.r4 <- "#F0E442"
cfg$background_color.r5 <- "#D55E00"
cfg$background_color.r6 <- "#F079A7"
cfg <- pp_cfg(cfg)

ppn_file <- system.file("ppn/relativity.ppn", package = "ppgames")
game <- read_ppn(ppn_file)[[1]]
animate_game(game, file = "relativity.gif", annotate = FALSE,
             cfg = cfg, trans = op_transform, op_scale = 0.5,
             n_transitions = 5, n_pauses = 2, fps = 9)
Animation of a Relativity game

Animation of a round of a game of Relativity


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