Version 1.3 of piecepackr comes with built-in configurations for checker boards and checkers in a variety of colors and sizes via the game_systems() function. The boards for the checkers1 configuration has 1" cells and the checkers2 configuration has 2" cells. Number of rows/columns is controlled by the board component's rank and the color of the board and checker bit components are controlled by the suit. The face of the board has checkers and the back has lines. Here is an example of the setup for Dan Troyka's game Breakthrough as well as Robert Abbott's game Crossings.

envir <- game_systems()
df_board <- tibble(piece_side = "board_face", suit = 3, rank = 8,
               x = 4.5, y = 4.5)
df_w <- tibble(piece_side = "bit_face", suit = 6, rank = 1,
               x = rep(1:8, 2), y = rep(1:2, each=8))
df_b <- tibble(piece_side = "bit_face", suit = 1, rank = 1,
               x = rep(1:8, 2), y = rep(7:8, each=8))
df <- rbind(df_board, df_w, df_b)
df$cfg <- "checkers1"
pmap_piece(df, envir=envir, default.units="in", trans=op_transform, op_scale=0.5)
Setup for Dan Troyka's &quot;Breakthrough&quot; as well as Robert Abbott's &quot;Crossings&quot;

Setup for Dan Troyka's &quot;Breakthrough&quot; as well as Robert Abbott's &quot;Crossings&quot;


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