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Everest is a piecepack game by Mark A. Biggar featuring programmed movement. It is a "King of the Hill" game that features a visually striking board with the tiles physically arranged as a hill. Here is the starting diagram for it using an "icy" piecepack tile color scheme to match its snowy Himalayan Yeti theme:

library("ppgames", warn.conflicts=FALSE)

icy_colorscheme <- list(suit_color="darkred,black,darkgreen,darkblue,darkblue", border_color="black", border_lex=6,
                         edge_color.pawn="black", edge_color.tile="lightblue", depth.pawn=0.25)
piecepack_suits <- list(suit_text="\U0001f31e,\U0001f31c,\U0001f451,\u269c,\uaa5c",
                    suit_fontfamily="Noto Emoji,Noto Sans Symbols2,Noto Emoji,Noto Sans Symbols,Noto Sans Cham",
cfg <- pp_cfg(c(piecepack_suits, icy_colorscheme))
pmap_piece(df_everest(), cfg=cfg, default.units="in", op_scale=1.0, trans=op_transform)
Starting diagram for a game of Everest

Starting diagram for a game of Everest


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