Tablut is a historical (hnefa)tafl game played by the Sรกmi people until at least the 1700s whose rules were written down by the Swedish naturalist Linnaeus in 1732. Below is a starting diagram for playing a game of Tablut with a piecepack.

library("ppgames", warn.conflicts=FALSE)
cfg <- pp_cfg(list(suit_text="๐ŸŒž,๐ŸŒœ,๐Ÿ‘‘,โšœ,๊ฉœ",
    suit_fontfamily="Noto Emoji,Noto Sans Symbols2,Noto Emoji,Noto Sans Symbols,Noto Sans Cham",
    border_lex=4, border_color="black", mat_width.tile_back=0.05, mat_color="white",
    invert_colors.suited = TRUE, edge_color.coin="tan", edge_color.tile="tan",
    shape.pawn="convex6", depth.pawn=1.0, height.pawn=0.75, width.pawn=0.75, dm_text.pawn=""
df <- df_tablut(die_width = 0.5)
pmap_piece(df, cfg=cfg, default.units="in", trans=op_transform, op_scale=0.7)
Starting diagram for a game of Tablut

Starting diagram for a game of Tablut

And here is animation of a game of Tablut:

game <- read_ppn(system.file("ppn/tablut.ppn", package = "ppgames"))[[1]]
ppgames::animate_game(game, file = "../images/knitr/tablut.gif",
                      cfg = cfg, trans = op_transform, op_scale = 0.7,
                      n_transitions = 6, n_pauses = 3, fps = 9)
Animation of a Tablut game

Animation of a Tablut game


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