Directly using the 'animations' package


Besides the animation package you may find gifski and tweenr helpful.

Here is a simple example of using the saveGIF function from the animation package and piecepackr::grid.piece directly to make a GIF animation of a tic-tac-toe game of "Suns" versus "Moons" played on the "lines" of a single tile back:

draw_tictactoe_game_step <- function(n, cfg=list()) {
    pushViewport(viewport(width=inch(4), height=inch(4)))
    if (n > 0) grid.piece("tile_back", cfg=cfg)
    if (n > 1) grid.piece("coin_back", suit=1, cfg=cfg, x=inch(2),y=inch(2))
    if (n > 2) grid.piece("coin_back", suit=2, cfg=cfg, x=inch(1),y=inch(2), angle=180)
    if (n > 3) grid.piece("coin_back", suit=1, cfg=cfg, x=inch(3),y=inch(1))
    if (n > 4) grid.piece("coin_back", suit=2, cfg=cfg, x=inch(1),y=inch(3), angle=180)
    if (n > 5) grid.piece("coin_back", suit=1, cfg=cfg, x=inch(1),y=inch(1))
    if (n > 6) grid.piece("coin_back", suit=2, cfg=cfg, x=inch(3),y=inch(3), angle=180)
    if (n > 7) grid.piece("coin_back", suit=1, cfg=cfg, x=inch(2),y=inch(1))
    if (n > 8) grid.segments(x0=inch(0.5), y0=inch(1), x1=inch(3.5), y1=inch(1),
                             gp=gpar(col="blue", lwd=4))
draw_tictactoe_game <- function(cfg=list()) {
    for (ii in 0:9) { draw_tictactoe_game_step(ii, cfg) }
cfg <- game_systems("dejavu")$piecepack
    ani.height=480, ani.width=480, ani.res=120,"png", ani.type="png")
Animation of a tic-tac-toe game

Animation of a tic-tac-toe game

Using ppgames' 'animate_game' function

ppgames has a convenience function animate_game that can be used to animate games recorded in Portable Piecepack Notation:

library("ppgames", warn.conflicts=FALSE)
dark_colorscheme <- list(suit_color="darkred,black,darkgreen,darkblue,black",
                      invert_colors.suited=TRUE, border_color="black", border_lex=2)
piecepack_suits <- list(suit_text="\U0001f31e,\U0001f31c,\U0001f451,\u269c,\uaa5c", # 🌞,🌜,👑,⚜,꩜
                    suit_fontfamily="Noto Emoji,Noto Sans Symbols2,Noto Emoji,Noto Sans Symbols,Noto Sans Cham",
traditional_ranks <- list(use_suit_as_ace=TRUE, rank_text=",a,2,3,4,5")
cfg3d <- list(width.pawn=0.75, height.pawn=0.75, depth.pawn=0.375,
                   dm_text.pawn="", shape.pawn="convex6", invert_colors.pawn=TRUE,
                   edge_color.coin="tan", edge_color.tile="tan")
cfg <- pp_cfg(c(piecepack_suits, dark_colorscheme, traditional_ranks, cfg3d))

puzzle2 <- matrix(c(4,4,4,5,2,0,2,4,0,3,1,1,
                    1,2,5,3,3,5,3,2,5,1,0,0), nrow=2, byrow=TRUE)
s2 <- solve_fujisan(coins=puzzle2)
game <- read_ppn(textConnection(s2$ppn))[[1]]
animate_game(game, file="fujisan.gif", cfg=cfg,
             op_scale=1, op_angle=90, trans=op_transform)
Animation of a Fuji-san game

Animation of a Fuji-san game


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