Rainbow Deck suited piecepack PnP

The Rainbow Deck by Chen Changcai is a cardgame system that can be used to play hundreds of games. It has 12 suits divided by 6 suit symbols with each suit symbol having a dark and light color associated with it. It is straightforward to make six-suited piecepacks to use as an accessory to the Rainbow Deck. The Rainbow Deck itself is licensed under a CC BY-SA-NC license but Chen Changcai was kind enough to give me permission to create Rainbow Deck suited piecepacks under a CC BY-SA 4.0 license requesting that I please provide a link back to his Rainbow Deck BoardGameGeek page.

Since dark suits show up best on a light background and light suits show up best on a dark background we'll make two 6-suited piecepacks that do just that (note that this means that these two Rainbow Deck suited piecepacks will be dual piecepacks).

rainbow1 <- list(suit_text = "♥,★,♣,♦,♛,♠,꩜",
    rank_fontfamily = "Noto Sans",
    suit_fontfamily = paste0(paste(rep("Noto Sans Symbols", 6), collapse=","), ",Noto Sans Cham"),
    suit_cex = "1,1,1,1,0.85,1,0.9",
    suit_color = "#ff0000,#ffc000,#008000,#0000ff,#800080,#000000,white",
    border_color = "grey",
    background_color.unsuited = "sienna")
noto_credit <- c("\u25cf This piecepack uses characters from Google Noto Fonts. OFL 1.1.",
RD_credit <- c("\u25cf The Rainbow Deck is by Chen Changcai",
               "\tUsed with permission of the author.")
rainbow1$credit <- c(noto_credit, RD_credit)
rainbow1$description <- c('This piecepack uses the suits from Chen Changcai\'s "Rainbow Deck"',
rainbow1$title <- "Rainbow Deck (dark suits)"
rainbow1 <- pp_cfg(rainbow1)
grid.piece("preview_layout", cfg=rainbow1)
Rainbow Deck suited piecepack (Dark suits)

Rainbow Deck suited piecepack (Dark suits)

rainbow2 <- as.list(rainbow1)
rainbow2$suit_color <- "#ff80c0,#ffff80,#80ff00,#80ffff,#c080ff,#c0c0c0,white"
rainbow2$background_color.suited <- "black"
rainbow2$title <- "Rainbow Deck (light suits)"
rainbow2 <- pp_cfg(rainbow2)
grid.piece("preview_layout", cfg=rainbow2)
Rainbow Deck suited piecepack (Light suits)

Rainbow Deck suited piecepack (Light suits)


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