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  1. Chess

    This article includes some demos of chess-ranked piecepacks as well as the starting diagrams of several chess variants playable with a piecepack.

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  2. Dual piecepacks PnP

    This is the demo of the six piecepacks that were included in the "dual piecepacks" proof-of-concept: one piecepack-suited piecepack, one latin-suited piecepack (inverted color scheme), two french-suited piecepacks (one 'black' suits, one 'white' suits), and two swiss-suited piecepacks (one dark grayscale color scheme, one light grayscale color scheme). One could …

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  3. Default PnP

    The default type of piecepack built by this software if the user does no configuration. The default piecepack has the following properties.

    1. Uses symbols only found in R's default sans font so that it works on multiple OS platforms out of the box without the user needing to mess with …
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