Drawing functions

Functions for directly creating board game graphics via various graphic systems

pieceGrob() grid.piece()

Draw board game pieces using grid


Create rayrender objects


Draw board game pieces using rgl


Save Wavefront OBJ files of board game pieces

Data frame processors

Functions that process data frame input


Create graphics using data frame input


Oblique projection helper function

Configuration list creators

Functions that create configuration list objects that customize appearance of board game components

pp_cfg() is_pp_cfg() as_pp_cfg()

Configuration list R6 object

game_systems() to_hexpack() to_subpack()

Standard game systems

Save piecepack images

Function to save piecepack images either as a print-and-play file or as individual images.


Save piecepack images


Save piecepack print-and-play (PnP) file

Developer helper functions

Various exported helper functions intended for developers


Shape object for generating various grobs

basicPieceGrob() picturePieceGrobFn() pyramidTopGrob() previewLayoutGrob()

Piece Grob Functions

save_ellipsoid_obj() save_peg_doll_obj()

Alternative Wavefront OBJ file generators

is_color_invisible() get_embedded_font() inch() cleave() file2grob()

piecepackr utility functions

AA_to_R() R_to_AA() R_x() R_y() R_z() to_radians() to_degrees() to_x() to_y() to_r() to_t()

Helper functions for making geometric calculations.

Deprecated functions

Deprecated functions that may be removed in a future version

halmaGrob() kiteGrob() pyramidGrob() convexGrobFn() concaveGrobFn() gridlinesGrob() matGrob() checkersGrob() hexlinesGrob() get_shape_grob_fn()

Deprecated functions